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A Smokin’ Hot Adoption Raffle WINNERS!!!

June 13, 2015Growleyblog


First of all, I want to than you all so much for your interest and support. The response has been so overwhelming that I’ve decided not to just pick one pipe winner, but TWO!
So without further ado, here are the winners of the “Smoking Hot Adoption Raffle”!

First Prize (Custom Growley Pipe) Congratulations Brendon Pinkham! And Thank you!
Second Prize (Custom Growley Pipe) Congratulations Brad/Paige Hill! And Thank you!
Third Prize (Growley Pipe Bag w/accessories) Congratulations Nathan Hitchcock! Thank you!

Rowley Family Adoption

June 3, 2015Growleyblog

Guys and Gals,

Nineteen months ago, we adopted a sweet little girl from China, making us a happy family of five!

There is another little girl that belongs in our family. She is five years old, and, somehow, even though we haven’t met her yet, we love her as one of our own, and we can’t wait to bring her home!

We were so blessed to be able to fully fund our last adoption. This time? We started with $608 that our family had been collecting in an “adoption jar” since November. This is where your help is very much needed. Not everyone is called to adopt, but everyone can help bring an orphan home. You might even win a pipe in the process!

I’ve been blessed with an ability to carve pipes, and I thought it would be a fun way to help raise money to bring Saffron home.

If you’re interested in our story, here’s a 3 minute video you can watch.


For the details of the “Smoking Hot Adoption Raffle” Click Here!!!
Thanks for your time.


The Rowley Family


Making a Devil Anse Pipe for a True Hatfield

January 7, 2015Growleyblog

The other day I was sitting outside my favorite local cigar shop and a gentleman walks out and says, “You’re the pipe guy, aren’t ya?” I always love it when a conversation starts that way. He proceeded to tell me how he’d like to have a pipe custom made for him. I love custom work because I get to know the future owner a bit. I believe that getting to understand their personality a bit helps me create a pipe that fits them better.

As Alan and I got looking through my archives, we talked about the use of the pipe. He wanted it specifically for his boat, it had to be a clencher, He also wanted it blasted so it could weather a bit of abuse without showing it. We went over several pages of pipes considering this and that, when I suggested the Devil Anse pipe. They’re sort of a cutty which has a nautical feel to it, and they’re shorter but with a generous bowl size.

But it was the name, Devil’s Anse that spoke to Alan. As soon as he heard I made the Devil Anse he said, “I’ve gotta have it!”. His new found decisiveness left me puzzled, until he followed up by saying, “You know my last name is Hatfield?” Done and done, the Devil Anse pipe it was. I think I was as excited to make it as he was to receive it.

I listened as he educated me briefly on some of the Hatfield’s history, and though I knew it to be true already it reminded me that these shows, The Hatfields & McCoys with actors like Kevin Costner, actually came from a part of real history. Real History with real people that still get talked about today.

I don’t know….you put a beard on Alan and he might just give Kevin Costner a run for his money.

Alan Hatfield1

"The Hatfields and the McCoys"


Pipe Making With Grant Batson – Follow Up

May 25, 2014Growleyblog

As a follow up to my Nashville Trip I wanted to post a few pics for you. Grant is a wonderful pipemaker and we had a great time. I look forward to putting to practice some of the new tips and tricks I learned while I was out there. 

Below are the pipes we made during our shop time. This is the first pipe I’ve ever made shape first, drill second. It’s also my first use of horn, brass ring insert, and military mount. Oh, and it’s my first acorn.

photo 5





















photo 3


Pipe Making With Grant Batson

May 18, 2014Growleyblog

Well, this is a day I’ve been forward to for a long time. I’ve admired grants work for sometime now and I’m excited to spend the next three days seeing his process and understanding what it is that Grant does to make such magical pipes.

When it comes to making pipes, there are generally speaking two ways of going about it. The first, and probably more common way, is to drill the holes first and shape the pipe second around the holes. The second method, which is becoming more popular, is to shape first and drill second. This way gives you much more flexibility when shaping your pipe. It allows you to determine what the pipe will look like as you’re carving it. In many ways, you approach the block having no preconceived ideas as to what it will look like. As I have always drilled first and shaped second, I’m excited to learn this new approach and add the skill set in to my mix.

So not only will I be learning a whole new set of skills to practice and perfect, I’ll get to spend the next three days with a wonderful person and pipemaker.

You should take the time to look at grants site. You might just find something you like and can’t live without.



Chasing That Pipe Dream

May 4, 2014Growleyblog

To all of you who occasionally read this blog, first let me apologize for how boring and unattended it is 🙂

I started this site to support a hobby that quickly became a passion. But having a full time job and a family of 5, has left me with minimal time to spare for hobbies and creative passions. Well, this blog is about to get much more active. Today I’m announcing that I’m unplugging from the corporate world to chase that pipe dream.


I wanted to post a picture that could tell the story that’s in my heart, and this one really says a lot. Having worked in the corporate world of sales for a long time, my creativity has always had to take a back row seat to things that were “more important”. But the time has come for me to give my creativity it’s day in the light.

Tomorrow marks the start of a new chapter in my life. I’m officially unplugging from the corporate machine and investing in my pipe making passion. I’ll be making pipes full time.

So with a little trepidation and much excitement, I’m stepping off and setting out to explore a brand new world.

What I’m really excited about is seeing what I can do with full dedication towards this wonderful hobby. As you can probably imagine, it’s sometimes hard to start projects and have to put them down over and over because you’ve only got a few hours at a time to work on them. I work best when I’m in the zone, and having been only able to work on pipes part time, it’s often hard to ever get in that zone. So, I expect to see an increase in quality, many new designs and better takes on old ones…and a whole lot more Growley pipes for you all to look at!

So, wish me luck and keep watch! There should be some new exciting things happening in the Growley Pipe world!