Growley Pipes

About Me

I had a short history of collecting pipes before I tried my hand at making one. I was admiring my Ben Wade Danish Freehand one afternoon, and I got to wondering if I could make one myself. I bought a piece of briar and a stem and got to work. Twenty-three hours later I had what looked like an UGLY pipe! Nonetheless, I had discovered a new passion.


About Quality

In a time where so many things are “throw-away”, it’s easy to get used to non-quality goods. To me, quality has always been important. For this reason, I work hard to make quality pipes, beginning with choice materials. I purchase some of the best briar available to insure a beautiful and lasting carved pipe. For my stems I hand cut each stem from German ebonite or Acrylic….

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About The Process

From time to time, I’ll be blogging about my processes as I’m working on a new pipe. To see what’s on the bench now, feel free to visit my blog section.

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