Growley Pipes










In a time where so many things are “throw-away”, it’s easy to get used to non-quality goods. To me, quality has always been important. For this reason, I work hard to make quality pipes, beginning with choice materials. I purchase some of the best briar available to insure a beautiful and lasting carved pipe. For my stems I hand cut each stem from German Ebonite or Acrylic.

But, quality does’t stop with the raw materials. There is a lot to be said for the way a pipe has been built. Fit, function and finish are all very important. All of my pipes are made to have a great  stem fit. Each stem is custom made to fit snuggly and properly to each stummel. Each pipe is made to function with proper air flow to improve smoking quality and stave off gurgle. And, each pipe is finished to have a high glossy finish that will remain long after the wax has worn off.

Lastly, I find it equally important to strive to make beautiful flowing pipes. Pipe carving to me is functional art. I work to make each piece pleasing to the eyes, pleasant to the touch and enjoyable to smoke.