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Making a Devil Anse Pipe for a True Hatfield

January 7, 2015Growleyblog

The other day I was sitting outside my favorite local cigar shop and a gentleman walks out and says, “You’re the pipe guy, aren’t ya?” I always love it when a conversation starts that way. He proceeded to tell me how he’d like to have a pipe custom made for him. I love custom work because I get to know the future owner a bit. I believe that getting to understand their personality a bit helps me create a pipe that fits them better.

As Alan and I got looking through my archives, we talked about the use of the pipe. He wanted it specifically for his boat, it had to be a clencher, He also wanted it blasted so it could weather a bit of abuse without showing it. We went over several pages of pipes considering this and that, when I suggested the Devil Anse pipe. They’re sort of a cutty which has a nautical feel to it, and they’re shorter but with a generous bowl size.

But it was the name, Devil’s Anse that spoke to Alan. As soon as he heard I made the Devil Anse he said, “I’ve gotta have it!”. His new found decisiveness left me puzzled, until he followed up by saying, “You know my last name is Hatfield?” Done and done, the Devil Anse pipe it was. I think I was as excited to make it as he was to receive it.

I listened as he educated me briefly on some of the Hatfield’s history, and though I knew it to be true already it reminded me that these shows, The Hatfields & McCoys with actors like Kevin Costner, actually came from a part of real history. Real History with real people that still get talked about today.

I don’t know….you put a beard on Alan and he might just give Kevin Costner a run for his money.

Alan Hatfield1

"The Hatfields and the McCoys"


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