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June 3, 2015Growleyblog

Guys and Gals,

Nineteen months ago, we adopted a sweet little girl from China, making us a happy family of five!

There is another little girl that belongs in our family. She is five years old, and, somehow, even though we haven’t met her yet, we love her as one of our own, and we can’t wait to bring her home!

We were so blessed to be able to fully fund our last adoption. This time? We started with $608 that our family had been collecting in an “adoption jar” since November. This is where your help is very much needed. Not everyone is called to adopt, but everyone can help bring an orphan home. You might even win a pipe in the process!

I’ve been blessed with an ability to carve pipes, and I thought it would be a fun way to help raise money to bring Saffron home.

If you’re interested in our story, here’s a 3 minute video you can watch.


For the details of the “Smoking Hot Adoption Raffle” Click Here!!!
Thanks for your time.


The Rowley Family


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