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Pipe Making With Grant Batson

May 18, 2014Growleyblog

Well, this is a day I’ve been forward to for a long time. I’ve admired grants work for sometime now and I’m excited to spend the next three days seeing his process and understanding what it is that Grant does to make such magical pipes.

When it comes to making pipes, there are generally speaking two ways of going about it. The first, and probably more common way, is to drill the holes first and shape the pipe second around the holes. The second method, which is becoming more popular, is to shape first and drill second. This way gives you much more flexibility when shaping your pipe. It allows you to determine what the pipe will look like as you’re carving it. In many ways, you approach the block having no preconceived ideas as to what it will look like. As I have always drilled first and shaped second, I’m excited to learn this new approach and add the skill set in to my mix.

So not only will I be learning a whole new set of skills to practice and perfect, I’ll get to spend the next three days with a wonderful person and pipemaker.

You should take the time to look at grants site. You might just find something you like and can’t live without.



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