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The Horned Hound: (SOLD)

“Do not light a fire near Glipwood Forest, not if the rangers have not ranged.” Thus begins perhaps the most important poem ever written about survival in Skree. The saying is especially true if there are horned hounds about. Thy are drawn to fire as surely as toothy cows. These dogs are as big as a colt, will eat (with mouth), stab (with horn), chase (with speed), and disobey (with arrogance) any living thing, especially if that living thing is minding its own business beside a fire.

– Panegyrics by Andrew Peterson

This pipe was inspired by a creation of one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Andrew Peterson. He is not only an outstanding singer, songwriter, poet, author and gardener, but he’s a pretty great guy too. So this pipe was made to honor the complete awesomeness of “The Horned Hound”.

The bowl was hand carved out of the best Italian Briar. The main piece is a beautiful cut of horn and the shank extension is a pretty piece of black bamboo.

The stem was hand cut out of German Ebonite, and  was fashioned with a comfort bit. As with all my pipes, I’ve opened this pipe up properly to give it the the right air flow to provide a cool dry smoke.

Click on the pictures below to see them full size! 

Length: 8.5″
Chamber Depth: 1.25″
Chamber Bore: .75″
Outside Bowl Width: 1.5″
Weight: 4.9 oz

This pipe is has been sold. If you’d like to have me build a custom pipe to fit your exact tastes, feel free to email or call me, and I’ll be happy to work out the arrangements with you.

Return Policy: It is important that my customers are very happy with their Growley Pipe. Once you purchase one and receive it, you have up to 15 days to inspect it and make sure it was all you hoped it would be. If you get it and decide it’s just not for you, contact me and we’ll arrange for it’s return and a refund of your full purchase price of your unsmoked pipe.

Thanks for looking,

Brian G. Rowley

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