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Ramses’ Evil Twin (SOLD)

February 3, 2015Growleyarchived 2015

The hush of the library deepened as Jameson lay the manuscript on the table. He scanned it with expert eyes while I picked a broken way through the glyphs, knowing only enough of the ancient words to call myself a poor student.

“Ah, Pentaware!” said Jameson, leaning back with a leisurely puff of his pipe.

“Here, you see?” he said.
He pointed a finger at a vulture and some other symbols I did not know.
“He was implicated in the murder of Ramses the Third,” he went on. “The so-called ‘harem conspiracy.’ He was barely upon the cusp of manhood when they forced him to drink poison in return for his treason.”
I looked at the manuscript, imagining the horrid coup behind its indecipherable words.
“You know,” Jameson said, “they say that this was his.”
He took the pipe from his lips and waved it at me.
“Rubbish!” I said. “The Egyptians didn’t make pipes. And that would make it over two millennia old to boot. What rot!”
“So you say,” said Jameson. “But the Egyptians were actually quite skilled at woodcraft. Furthermore,” here a gleam leapt from his grey eyes, “you don’t know where I got it.”

– Panegyrics by Adam Whipple


The Ramses pipe is one of the most comfortable pipes I’ve ever smoked. It hangs effortlessly and almost unnoticed. The Ramses shape was originally designed by the great Bo Nordh, and has since been carved by many wonderful pipemakers, who have made their own contributions to the design. In this particular design, I took inspiration from Peter Heding and Alex Florov, who both make wonderful Ramses pipes. To date, this is the largest Ramses I have ever made.

This blast shows some great craggy ring grain wrapping around the belly of the bowl. It terminates into bird eye on the back panel.

The stem was hand carved from German Ebonite, and was fitted with a comfort fit button, which makes it comfortable and easy to hold in your mouth. As with all my pipes, I’ve opened this pipe up properly to give it the the right air flow to provide a cool dry smoke.

Click on the pictures below to see them full size!


Height: 5.5″
Chamber Depth: 1.25″
Chamber Bore: .75″
Outside Bowl Width: 2″
Weight: 2.3 oz

This pipe has been sold. If you’d like to purchase a similar pipe, or have interest in having me build a custom pipe to fit your exact tastes, feel free to email or call me, and I’ll be happy to work out the arrangements with you.

Return Policy: It is important that my customers are very happy with their Growley Pipe. Once you purchase one and receive it, you have up to 15 days to inspect it and make sure it was all you hoped it would be. If you get it and decide it’s just not for you, contact me and we’ll arrange for it’s return and a refund of your full purchase price of your unsmoked pipe.

Thanks for looking,

Brian G. Rowley

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