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September Sale!!!

September 1, 2013Growleyblog


Thank you all for your interest in my pipes. And, for those of you who bought a pipe during this sale, you will forever be a part of our adoption story. I can’t thank you all enough. With a few final arrangements to make, we are only a few months away from traveling to pick up our little girl!

Thanks again.



Over one full year ago my wife and I decided to adopt a little girl from China. There are millions of children in the world today who don’t have someone to tuck them in at night, who don’t have a chance for education, who simply don’t have someone to love them. At first, I was very hesitant to even consider the possibility of adoption because I felt that if I started learning about it, my eyes would be opened to the overwhelming tragedy that exists. I knew that if I let my mind open to the pain and reality that’s out there for these orphans, that my heart would break, and I knew I couldn’t save them all…

…but I did let myself think about it. And I realized that no, I can’t save them all, but God can use me to make a big difference in the life of at least one (or maybe two!). And that was the beginning of a major heart-change in my life.

If you’ve ever looked into adoption, you probably know that it can take a very long time. In our case, there’s a good chance it will take a year and a half. And if you’ve looked into international adoption, you probably know that it is very expensive, up to a full year’s salary in some cases.

Well, I’m very excited to say that we’re getting very close to bringing our little girl home from China, and, financially, we’re getting close as well. I’ve been using the sales of my pipes to help fund our adoption, and I’m hoping for one final push. So with all that said, I’m running a huge sale on all of my available pipes for the month of September. To that end, I’m taking a full $100 off of each and every pipe.

So whether you want to help support my family and me by taking advantage of this sale, or you simply want to buy a nice pipe at a great price, I would be greatly appreciative of any sale made this September.















Thanks for your time.


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