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March 15, 2013Growleyblog

As a pipemaker, I don’t succumb to PAD (Pipe Acquisition Disorder) too often. If I see a pipe I just have to have, I typically try to make it myself. However, there comes a time when even a pipemaker needs to buy a pipe.

I think that one of the best ways you an show an artist respect and appreciation for their work, is to buy something from them, directly, and at full price. Hence, the need for my Rad PAD.

Rad Davis is a well known wonderful pipe maker. He’s been in the business for the last 10 years, and just happens to live only 25 minutes away from me! When I moved out here to Alabama, I wasn’t really making pipes yet. I had only fiddled around with one or two. When I found out there was a master pipemaker in the “neighborhood” I knew I simply had to see if he’d let me come visit his shop.

After getting completely settled in my new house I connected with Rad and asked if I could come see his shop. I figured that if anything, I might pick up a little on how pipes were made, and what tools I should. Rad very generously suggested that if I came over early, I could see him make a pipe from start to scratch. I was floored and ablaze with excitement to say the least. Here I had the rare opportunity to watch a master craftsman make an entire pipe.

Long story short, after about 5 hours of watching Rad perform what seemed like magical acts of pipe carving, I came out enlightened, and a bit dizzy trying to make sense of all the information I had just gathered. It was that day that I decided to sell my favorite BMW 740i and buy the same tools he had so that I could make pipes as he does.

After about a year of making pipes and several trips to Rad’s house it became time to show my appreciation for his help, kindness and friendship. I needed to buy one of his pipes. Not only did he make me exactly the pipe I wanted, I got to watch him make it from start to finish, just like my very first experience with him. It was a very special time for me indeed.

So, without further ado, here is my RAD PAD:


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