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Hutchmoot Pipe Of The Year

October 16, 2013Growleyblog

Recently, I returned from the 4th annual Hutchmoot conference, where I presented their first ever Pipe Of The Year. I could spend about two hours explaining what type of conference Hutchmoot is, and you may still end up confused. So in lieu of a description that will only scratch the surface, if you’re interested, you can check it out here:

While Hutchmoot is certainly not a pipe or tobacco conference, the attendees tend to be of the literary and or artistic type, and in being so, a good number of them smoke pipe. I was able to gather with sometimes 15 or more to enjoy a good pipe and excellent conversation. It’s a time that I cherish and look forward to each and every year.

Last year, I was approached by several folks who asked if I’d be interested in presenting a pipe of the year. Having a special place in my heart for this conference and these wonderful people, I was thrilled. Once I had solidified my participation, I began the task of choosing the shape. After much deliberation, I chose a Dublin/Zulu type pipe. While most pipe of the year pipes tend to be exactly the same, I decided to go a different route, making them all the same size and shape, so that they’re easily recognizable as a set, but uniquely finishing them all, so that buyer’s individual preference could be satisfied. Some were smooth, some were blasted, some had ebonite stems and some had acrylic.

The outcome was very fun to watch. I got to see each individual pick their own personal pipe from the lot, and happily take it for themselves. I even had the opportunity to smoke the first break-in bowl with a number of them. It was very intriguing to see why each person picked the one they did, and somehow, each seemed to fit the buyer in a unique personal way.

I look forward to preparing the 2nd Annual Rabbit Room/Hutchmoot Pipe of the year!

Here’s a look at the pipes:

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