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How would a Growley pipe hold up if a “Hun” were smoking it?

December 10, 2012Growleyblog

How would a Growley pipe hold up if a “Hun” were smoking it? Well, we will just have to wait and see.
Several weeks ago I was contacted by Darryl Quon. He wanted to know if I’d make a Devil’s Anse pipe for him. Seeing that I love to make that particular pipe, I gladly accepted.

As with with most of my customers, Darrel and I have exchanged several friendly email messages. He mentioned that he had been busy “On Set” all day and apologized for a late response to one of my messages. Not being able to restrain my curiosity, I asked him what he does on set.

It turns out that while Darrel is an extremely nice and pleasant person to talk to, he’s also a killer, kick butt, no nonsense, run around on fire and punch people in the throat stuntman and actor. He’s been in a variety of wonderful movies including one of my (and my kid’s) favorites, The Night At The Museum”, in which he was one of the fantastic Huns who was ready to tear Ben Stiller into pieces.








The Devil’s Anse pipe made it to Canada where his wonderful new owner will put it through it’s paces. If Darryl treats his pipes like he does his coworkers, then I probably should have ruggedized it…

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